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What people are saying?

Nandu Rajadhyax, Participant, SevaYatra-Srijan Urban Microfinance Field Trip

I could feel the presence of Mother Teresa in the sincere work happening in this community to build Trust, Women empowerment and transformation (health, lifestyle and self-esteem). Hats off to the team - Sanmitra and SevaYatra.  Need to activate media on the great work done!


Huzan Mistry, Sujaya Foundation - NGO

Yes, the participants enjoyed the SevaYatra. For the segment of students from under privileged backgrounds the opportunity to observe a corporate environment has worked well for us in the past and this experience too was extremely rewarding for the students. For this batch of students this was a first time experience. The committed team at Spencer Stuart was willing to work at a level the students could cope with, thereby making the experience for them worthwhile. 


Pratima Thakar, Make My Trip Employee

"Great Experience, when I entered the school I was amazed with the spirits of kids. "One Good Morning" wish of the kids was so much energy that I found myself connected with them. The great cultural program and games that we played made me reach my school days. The interaction with kids and their experience showed how much they know and how much they want to do. Above words and more than enough as today's experience gave me one God, one place, one feeling is not more for knowing the kids world. "Need to learn more and for that knowing and learning can be grabbed by being with kids of all kinds".


Dorothy Wagle, Salaam Balak Trust - NGO

The kids loved painting the wall and they have taken great pride in the wall every day theu come to the center. Also the lively look of the mural is inspiring to potential donors, volunteers and supporters.


Ananth, 12 year old Volunteer, Mumbai, India

Today was a wonderful experience interactong with the children in Salaam Baalak trust. I learnt a lot from them, we painted on the walls, read some english and had interactive sessions with Jonathan and Dorothy. We should be happy with what we have.


Geeta Eral, Make My Trip Employee

An amazing day spent here at Akshay Prathishtan. The whole day was spent learning and meeting these kids was superb. Kudos to all working towards making this happen. Time can always be an excuse for not sparing time but I feel each one of us can contribute on our own way to make the world a better place to live in. What I have learnt is to spend some time on weekends and be with these lovely kids and teach them what I can and spend time with these lovely people overall. Thank you for a wonderful and Enlightening day.


Ashumi Shah, 12 year-old Volunteer, Mumbai

I realized that the children all the same as me but poorer less educated, smarter, more creative more independent. I learned that though hardships come working hard will make them go away. Some kids are very talented and if they have a goal in life they will certainly be able to achieve it. Examples are Rahul who is 8 and Dipa. Both are very young but can read and write well. You can always take these children to a learning center/ picnic spot to enjoy more.


Lalitha R, HP Employee

Thanks a ton for giving me such a fabulous opportunity to serve and Render the service to the lovely kids / children. We all had a good fun with a very good learning. You gave us a reason to smile bringing the children to HP. A smile is something you can't take away- it always comes back to you.


Vikram Shah Spencer Stuart Employee

This was my first experience, in being part of such an activity. Felt really good that whatever I have learnt or am confident about can be shared for somebody's well being. Pleased to meet you all, this is the most wonderful work you all are doing. Please keep it up and let me know if I can be of any help.


Siddhartha Narayan, UT Austin MBA Student

Moving experience, that was kept natural and not synthesized.  Helped us realize the challenges in India, the difficulties the less privildged face and the positive efforts they are making to help themselves. Feel heartwarming to the efforts SevaYatra is making. Has encouraged me to want to volunteer to similar efforts in India and abroad.


Randy Graham, McCombs School of Business Student

This was an amazing experience!I travelled to your Center (AMBA) as part of the Mccombs Global Connection trip in March 2010. the capacity and openness of your students touched me and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this population. The visit itself was very organized and Sugandha was a very inspiring non-profit leader to speak with and learn from. Thanks for the opportunity!