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SevaYatra - Experience

MakeMyTrip - Akshay Pratishthan - AIF SevaYatra


The program started early with a group from Make My, who attended the schools morning assembly. This was followed by the physical component of an Ableymics program, which formed the bulk of the days program. The assembly was a mixture of performance and races, both with differently abled and able-bodied students. From there, the group headed over to the AIF DE center, where they learned about the program through film and dialogue, engaged with students on a poster competition, and helped brainstorm a movie the children are making about an old age home. From there the participants joined the students in the other events of the Ablelympics program, including tailoring, embroidery, tie and dye, coloring, etc. After a lunch break, there was a tour of the vocational training centers and the SevaYatra wrap up.

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