Story-board painting with children..

Service Project

Story-board painting with children..

Details about Sevayatra

10 volunteers, including 2 kids and 2 young adults, came together on this Saturday morning to work alongwith the children at SBT, to help create beautiful story-boards at one of the walls at the NGO.  


Once we all gathered, and after a quick orientation on the service day as well as info about the NGO, it was time to break into some fun with ice-breakers and games between the children at the NGO and our volunteers.  SevaYatra also narrated 2 stories to the group that then needed to be drawn using pictures and call-outs on the NGO's wall.  


Soon after the warm-up, the children and the volunteers were seen mixing paints and got to work painting the tw0 pre-drawn skethces of the story-boards.  The two stories, one in Hindi and one in English, were stories that had a moral for the children to relate with everyday life.  While one story had the moral 'Ignorance is blindness', the other was 'Sweet are the fruits of labour'.  Both the stories teach basic lessons of life on the importance of education and hardwork to reap the benefits that life has to offer.  


What transpired in those 2 hours of the activity was beyond just painting the wall.  The children from the NGO were getting friendlier with the volunteers, the team-work that one could see and just the ease at which they all blended to achieve that one common goal.  And the results, well, those were worth all the effort and the sweat put in on an otherwise hot sunny May afternoon :)

Start Date: 
Sat,May 26,2012
Start Time: 
10:00 AM
Duration of Sevayatra: 
3 hours
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