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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does SevaYatra mean?

Seva means Service and Yatra means Journey. We encourage you to embark on a journey of service with us!

Q. How many people participate in each SevaYatra service opportunity?

Each SevaYatra will have a minimum of 30 participants.

Q. Do NGOs have to pay to participate?

No, NGOs do not have to pay. However, they do have to make and meet their commitments towards getting a SevaYatra organized.

Q. Can you recommend an NGO to SevaYatra?

Absolutely. We encourage our participants to engage with us more actively. We will work with the recommended NGO to find out if a SevaYatra can be organized around their mission and if so, be happy to undertake it.

Q. Who is a Sevak?

A Sevak is an Indian resident that is interested in volunteering his or her time to help manage the coordination activities with a specific NGOs. Typically, Sevaks will be matched with an NGO to assist SevaYatra in the preparatory process for a service project.

Q. Does SevaYatra have any affiliation to any specific groups?

No. We have no affiliation to any specific organization or religious group. We will however partner in various instances to create unique service opportunities.

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