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CSR Networking Event for Infosys Connect Attendees



Infosys Connect, a Premier conference for industry leaders, clients and sales teams was hosted in Las Vegas in mid August at the Aria. The conference was attended by over 2000 attendees from US and abroad. Infosys made a commitment to organize a networking opportunity that involved a social responsibility component. In conjunction with SevaYatra, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve was identified as the nonprofit partner. The Springs Preserve is a 180 acre cultural institution designed to commemorate Las Vegas’ dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future. Various projects including Seed cleaning, plant sale preparation, plant sign inventory and trail cleaning were identified as projects to be taken on by the volunteers.


A group of volunteers headed out to the Springs Preserve early on a Monday morning – the volunteers comprised various global and domestic Infosys employees.


Seed Cleaning Project:                                                                                

This was an In-door activity where volunteers cleaned seeds for the Propagation and Horticulture Department. These were special seeds that were very small and needed special handling. The seeds have been identified and gathered from federal lands where special permission and access is needed to collect them.


Plant Sale Prep Project:                                                                       

This was also an In-door activity where volunteers prepared collateral material and information packages for the Preserves upcoming Fall Plant Sale.


Plant Sign Inventory Project:                                                    

This was also an in-door activity were volunteers cleaned and organized signs for the native plants at the Springs Preserve Gardens.


Trail Cleaning Project:                                                                          

This was an out-door activity where volunteers cleaned a historical and ecologically sensitive area of the Springs Preserve.


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