About Us

SevaYatra provides social responsibility solutions to companies and universities in India and the US.  We enable companies to optimize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice through effective philanthropy and impactful employee volunteerism.  We develop service-learning and volunteerism programs for universities to expose their students and alumni to India.

Why SevaYatra?

We believe that CSR is a critical factor in addressing social and economic challenges in India and the United States.  Yet, many companies have not integrated CSR as a core business function nor have they aligned the various components of CSR towards meeting particular objectives. 

CSR is a relatively nascent field in India, and many companies are just beginning to identify their CSR strategy and plans for implementation.  By adapting global best practices to the Indian context, we help companies optimize their CSR.

India-based companies with a presence in the US have a unique opportunity to complement their business investments with corporate philanthropy that demonstrates their caring for American communities. While a decade ago, this concept may have seemed counter-intuitive, the US faces deep challenges, and many communities in the US have a critical need for business and philanthropic investment.  We use our unique understanding of Indian corporate culture and the American non-profit sector to advise Indian companies on the most effective CSR in the US.

Universities are a treasure chest of idealism and passion.  As American universities increase their presence in India, they have a unique opportunity to incorporate best practices of service-learning into their students’ experiences.  We use our deep experience in the student volunteerism space to create high-impact service experiences.